About Us


The contribution of nutrient enrichment to the degradation of natural waters has been well documented over the last three decades.  Today, initiatives are being implemented around the globe to reverse these effects.  Green Eyes seeks to play a meaningful role in the restoration and protection of natural waters by providing accurate and reliable instrumentation to water quality monitoring organizations worldwide.  With high frequency nutrient data that resolves baselines and episodic events, ecosystem managers can more accurately evaluate the effectiveness of nutrient reduction strategies.  Our commitment to our customers who are safeguarding natural resources is embodied in the design, reliability and accuracy of our instruments, and in our dedicated technical support.


Vincent Kelly founded Green Eyes in 2006 to expand on the monitoring research he conducted under the guidance of Dr. Louis A. Codispoti at the University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science, Horn Point Lab (HPL) in Cambridge, MD.  Kelly and Codispoti later collaborated with Dr. Patricia Glibert, (also at Horn Point) to investigate the role of nutrients with Harmful Algal Blooms. This published work validated the data collected by the autonomous nutrient monitors and revealed dynamics previously unknown.

Green Eyes is grateful for the technology development support we received from the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO), Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Small Business Innovation Research program.  We are also appreciative of HPL for making an incubator facility available to Green Eyes and for the encouragement we received from the HPL faculty and staff.


Green Eyes’ founder and current director, Vincent Kelly, completed a Masters Degree in Chemical Oceanography at Old Dominion University in 1998 and has been deploying nutrient monitors and other moored oceanographic instrumentation since 1999.

Green Eyes director --- Vincent M. Kelly