Control, Collect and Automate

ComScript is system control and data collection software for Windows, Linux, and OSX, that uses an intuitive scripting language. It was designed with easy to understand commands to enable average computer users to automate data collection and device control projects.

  • Send email and text message alerts
  • Send text or hex commands
  • Parse incoming data
  • Publish data on the web
  • Apply mathematical expressions
  • Evaluate conditional expressions and "while" loops
  • Call external programs
  • Save data into variables
  • Automate serial and TCP/IP communications
  • View and change live variables in the data interface
  • Profile editor automatically writes your code to eliminate syntax and formatting errors
  • Independent watchdog that verifies system operation

Other easy to use features include:

  • Intuitive xml based language
    • <device name="MySerialDevice" type="serial" port="COM1" baudrate="9600"  />  
    • <device name="MyTCPDevice" type="tcp" port="12345" dns="" />
    • <send string=”sample1” />
  • Simultaneous control of multiple devices
  • Interactive Data Interface
  • Live variable editing
  • Includes Terminal for manual communication with serial and TCP/IP devices
  • Interface easily with data analysis and plotting programs (e.g. Gnuplot)


Applications include:

  • Plant and laboratory monitoring and control
  • Plant and laboratory email and text message alarms
  • Environmental monitoring and control
  • Instrument control and data collection
  • Laboratory equipment automation
  • Relay board control

The ComScript Desktop Utility

The ComScript Data Interface

The ComScript Terminal Emulator 

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