Multi-channel in-situ nutrient analyzer

EcoLAB  uses a small 16 port rotary valve and a high precision syringe pump to mix sample and standards with reagents. The resultant colored solutions are measured with tightly controlled colorimetric detectors.In essence, the EcoLAB is a submersible “chemistry robot”. Sample data is calibrated via an on-board standard(s) that are also analyzed in-situ at user specified intervals. Sample and reagent volumes, mixing times and flushing are controlled by straight-forward macros that can be customized by users or Green Eyes to achieve specific analytical goals.

Download the EcoLAB Brochure


  • Accurate in optically complex waters
  • Customizable chemistry
  • High measurement specificity
  • in-situ
  • Identification of important temporal and spatial nutrient features
  • Cost effective round clock nutrient measurement
  • Built on proven (wet chemistry) technology



  • Nutrient studies
  • Coastal or open ocean deployments
  • Continuous real-time nutrient monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Process studies
  • TMDL calculations


EcoLAB  in Reagent Housing


EcoLAB in-situ analyzer