Modular, automated chemical measurement system for the analysis of dissolved nutrients.

NuLAB utilizes wet chemical discrete analysis methods for high accuracy nutrient monitoring. The system is modular and may be configured to measure between one and five nutrients in parallel. Nitrate plus nitrite,nitrite, phosphate, ammonia, and silicate channels are available. User scheduled field calibrations enable NuLAB to maintain accuracy throughout the deployment despite changing environmental conditions(e.g. temperature, pressure). The system can be interfaced with radio or cellular modems, and Green Eyes ComScript software to provide a complete “water2web” solution.

Download the NuLAB Brochure

Download the NuLAB Plus Brochure

Two-channel NuLAB Autonomous Nutrient Monitor


  • Accurate in optically complex waters
  • Easy to service
  • High measurement specificity
  • Customizable
  • Identification of important temporal and spatial nutrient features
  • Cost effective around the clock nutrient measurement
  • Built on proven (wet chemistry) technology


  • Continuous real-time nutrient monitoring
  • Well and ground water assessment
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Waste water management
  • Process studies
  • TMDL enforcement


Green Eyes' NuLAB deployed by the Ocean Research & Conservation Association.

Three-Channel NuLAB Plus